Beginner Section

If you are reading this, you have decided to start on the exciting journey of exploring neural search with Jina AI.

Will the journey be easy? No guarantees, but we will make it as smooth as possible.

Will it be rewarding? For sure! By the end of this section, you will be equipped with the knowledge to process different data types in Jina AI and use them to build a search solution.

Also, we have some amazing swag for people who will be completing the Bootcamp. Wanna know how to get them? Read more about it here!

As we recommend these steps, keep in mind that these are just ideal steps of progression designed for ease and not a strict code of conduct that you must always follow in the same order. Feel free to skip the parts if you are already familiar with them!


Jina AI Ecosystem


Understand DocArray


Manipulate Data with DocArray


Multimodal Documents using DocArray


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Quiz - Beginners


You have learned the basic concepts of Jina, which has introduced you to the exciting world of Neural Search.

Take this quiz to continue your journey towards building future-proof search solutions and earn an exclusive beginner level certificate.




Intermediate Section

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