1. What differentiates neural search from the traditional symbolic search?

  • It takes less time to perform search
  • It works by matching the keywords to find the search results.
  • It provides contextual search results based on the semantics

2. What is the quickest way to experience the power of Jina?

  • Developer Portal
  • Reading the docs
  • Coding a simple search solution
  • Running tutorial Colab notebook

3. Which among the following correctly represents Jina?

  • It's a neural search engine
  • It's a neural search framework
  • It's a deep learning framework
  • It's a search service provider

4.What is the fastest way to run Jina without worrying about the dependencies?

  • Via PIP Install
  • Via Docker
  • Via Conda
  • All of them takes the same time

5. What among the following are the basic building blocks of Jina?

  • Document, DocumentArray, Flow
  • Flow, DocumentArray, Document Store
  • Document, Executor, Flow
  • Document, DocumentArray, DocumentArrayMemMap

6.Which of the following data types are supported by Jina to create a search solution?

  • Text
  • Image
  • Audio
  • All of them

7. What is the most basic data type in DocArray?

  • Document
  • Integer
  • String
  • Array

8. What kind of data can a Document contain?

  • Text data
  • Numpy Array
  • Any kind of data
  • Images

9. DocumentArray is first class citizen of?

  • Flow
  • Document
  • Executor
  • All of them

10. An Executor performs a single task on?

  • Document
  • Flow
  • Graph
  • Text
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